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        Jiangsu YuBei Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for various precision ceramic products, and cooperate with many domestic universities and research institutes to develop precise ceramics, structural ceramics, and functional ceramics.
        Main products include: alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics and silicon carbide ceramics, etc., and all products can be customized by clients’ drawings. Our products are made in processes of isostatic pressing, dry pressing, hot pressing, etc. We also can do the later grinding work, like plane grinding, centerless grinding, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, honing, etc.
        Because of high precision and stable performance, our products are widely used in fields of chemical, machinery, electronics, petroleum, aerospace, medical, textile, automobile, vessel, etc.
    We focus on quality and reputation, and adhere to win-win principle. Customers’ satisfaction is our eternal goal, Welcome to join us!


    Jiangsu YuBei Ceramics Co., Ltd.   Tel:0510-80722669  Mobile:13524881759